About Marr Bros. Bark

Marr Bros. Bark is a family-owned and operated local business. We've been supplying the Willamette Valley Bark and Soils Supplies for nearly 40 years. We continually search for and source only the highest grade forest, recycled, and soil materials, so we know that are customer are receiving the quality of they've come to expect from Marr Bros.

Whether you are a home owner in need of a few yards, or a landscaper or nursery professional requiring large volumes and custom blends, we have the ability to supply your needs, the materials you want and the price you are looking for.

PicturesMarr Bros. Bark History

In 1972, father and son, Harvey and Jim Marr, began Marr Bros. Bark Dust. As a small family business in Pee Dee, Oregon at Pee Dee Lumber, delivered bark material to homes all around Polk County. In 1980, Harvey retired selling the business to Jim and his wife, Penny.

In the early 80s the business saw a significant jump in business when Marr Bros. Bark expanded into supplying raw soil materials to nurseries. What started with Monrovia Nursery in Dayton, Oregon grew quickly through the Willamette Valley. By 1984 Jim and Penny moved to their current location in Monmouth, Oregon that supplied enough room for their quickly expanding business.

As the business grew, so did the family. Brandon Marr, Jim and Penny's son, had been involved in the business since his early teens, driving delivery truck, running equipment and helping with maintenance of the fleet. In 2008, Brandon assumed the role of VP of Operations.

In addition to assisting in the operation at Marr Bros, Brandon also runs his own business, JB Wood Recyclers. JB Wood Recycling provides a drop off site for wood and yard debris.